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Plan Green

Welcome to Plan Green, where we want to help protect the planet. On one hand it's pretty easy for individuals to make a difference; on the other hand, it's pretty tough for individuals to stop what businesses and countries are doing without regard to the future of the planet. Change will have to come slowly but surely . . . and maybe a little faster in some areas.

For now, this site is just getting started. We'd like to focus some attention on what can make a difference: alternative energy, ecology, recycling, new technology, environmental conservation and more. There are many links for information because knowledge is the key to change.

I also realize it appears contradictory to run ads on this page, but we've tried to find some consciencious ads. Unfortunately, money is its own kind of green.

So thanks for stopping by Plan Green. It's time for a plan that protects the planet. Let your politicians know how you feel... plan ahead; plan right; Plan Green! 'nuff said.